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5 places to eat in Bali if you don’t want Balinese food

I’m not trying to be one of those people who goes to another country and orders a burger instead of trying the culture’s cuisine. Prior to my cooking class I didn’t know WHAT to eat as far a Balinese food goes.

Honestly there’s only so much rice, noodles, and potatoes that my body can handle. It was a starch overload for the first week, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Roll your eyes if you need to, but I am one of those women who have learned to love very fresh food, and I’m used to eating it 80% of the time. To my surprise I found a ton of places that served fresh salads, green juices, and healthy grains.

Luckily for you my inner fat kid tried a plethora of restaurants that I can now recommend should you decide to come to here.

Here are my 5  favorite spots

1.Bali Buda in Ubud

The company has an overall mission to provide the highest quality of food possible . No GMO’s. Responsible farming of meat resources.and organic veggies only. Menus,take away bags, and to go boxes are all made out of recycled paper. As a company they clearly serve a a bigger purpose in the community and world. They make it easy for me to eat delicious high quality food that I feel good about spending my money on. The first time I got this chicken burger with fries and salad for under $7.

*Bonus* The 2nd time I used their delivery service for a small extra fee so I didn’t have to walk in the dark from my hotel. Yes, I said delivery service.

Bali Buda



2. Fat Turtle in Semiyak

A must for brunch! Juices are fresh pressed with no sugar unless you ask.  Farm fresh eggs, baked grains, and fresh veggies for sauces. Plan on buying a juice, savory meal, and sweet breakfast item to try it all. If you weren’t a happy turtle prior to coming here. you will be when you leave. Meals are $4-$7 depending on what you order.

*Bonus* They get Brownie points for the awesome industrial inspired Decor and furniture.


Fat Turtle

Fat Turtle



3. Bali Buda Bakery and Health Food Store

Bali Buda has a sequel and it’s a BAKERY. Right around the corner of the main restaurant. Most baked items can be ordered in the restaurant, but when you need a quick snack without a sit in restaurant, this place is perfect. I bought a baked cheese quiche and  a few bananas for breakfast. When I went hiking at Mt. Batur I bought the energy balls 1 peanut butter and  1 brownie flavored. This bakery is also a store. Like a Vitamin Cottage on steroids with fresh nuts, fruits, milk, juices, eggs, and beauty products as well.

*Bonus*The bread is still hand made every.




4. Clear Cafe in Ubud

One of those restaurants that you walk into and you instantly think  “I cannot afford this, will I have to dine and dash?” type of situations. (Just kidding, I would never) This place looks like 2 floor aquarium/botanical garden with dope hip hop beats and very purposeful wall art. The food matches the vibe. Anything you could possibly want is on the menu. I will say it is more vegetarian based but the seafood and meat dishes are just as good. I went twice. once for dinner and once for breakfast.

*Bonus* On the way up to the bathroom they write a positive message or quote on the floor using flowers.





5.  The Fusion in Ubud

Not to be confused with Fuzion. After hiking my friends and I headed here for lunch. We went around lunch 1pm on a Thursday and this place was empty. I ordered a chicken salad and strawberry juice which was amazing. Everything that my friends ordered looked equally as good. It was such a beautiful place that we spent a good 2 hours here just relaxing.

*Bonus* Must sit Japanese style on the floor next to the giant open window (looks  more like a hut). It overlooks a rice field and you can feel the breeze. A great way to get very up close and personal to the scenery without actually being outside.



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