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A perfect summer day that doesn’t involve the pool.

red rocks colorado


It’s summer time. It’s you’re day off. Maybe you’re on vacay in Denver. You want to spend the day enjoying the weather but don’t want to go too far or get up too early.


As a firm believer in leisurely mornings, and  laid back days , I’ve created an itinerary around those very concepts.


All stops on the list are in the town of Morrison, Colorado which is only 25 minutes from Denver and so much fun!



1st stop: Red Rocks Hike

red rocks trail

Matthews/Winters trail is the spot to go when you want to escape from the city for a quick hike, but don’t want to spend your entire day on this one mission.


The dirt path will take you through fields of wild flowers, cactuses, and unique plants before ascending to the top of boulders. From the boulders you will get  panoramic views of Denver , and the Red Rocks Amphitheater right next door. The entire loop won’t take you more than an hour and half if you don’t linger too long.


Get an early start to beat the crowds and the heat. And by early I mean you can get there by 930 am and be done by 11am. You’re welcome.


*free entry, free parking

*stay on dirt path, there are lots of rattle snakes in the fields as this is the front range*

*hat and spf recommended, there isn’t any shade on this trail*





2nd stop: Paddle boarding at Soda Lake

paddle board girl

paddle board

10 minutes away is an oasis at Bear Creek Park. Soda Lake has a swim beach, snack bar, and a marina where you can rent paddle boards, kayaks, and paddle boats for $20/ hour (totally worth it).


My number one choice of mini boat is the paddle board. If you’re anything like me, you can take a book or your Spotify tunes with you out on the water (get yourself a waterproof phone case). Drifting out there in the middle of the lake on a hot summer day brings me stupid amounts of peace, and happiness. Que Rob Schulz wave after wave. Slowly drifting away. wave after waaave. (be happy you don’t have to hear me sing in person)


Pack a cooler, blanket, and spf for a Rocky Mountain beach day!


*Park entry fee is $10*

*Take an Id and $20 cash to rent whatever you choose, if you use a credit card it will be $25*

*pack a canopy or large umbrella for shade*


3rd stop: The Cow Eatery

You know when you find a “hole in the wall” place that’s has the best food ever? And you’re  like yeah I found that all on my own, as if you discovered a new planet or something. This place used to be like that, but it’s  apparently very popular now.


The Blue Cow is this tiny little restaurant  in the heart of Morrison, only 5 minutes from the lake. The menu offers all the American classics such as chicken pot pie, ribs, burgers, and salads. I can honestly say that their burgers are the best I’ve had in Colorado so far.


Everything on the menu reminds you of homemade country cooking. Do not leave without getting some of their soft serve ice cream. Take your ice cream cone to go, and walk down by the river right outside.


*free parking. parking is limited though. Fortunately the town is small enough that you can park and walk just about anywhere in 5 minutes*

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