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Halloween Hike to Devil’s Head Fire Tower

Devil's Head Fire Lookout


Devil’s Head fire tower has been on the list for a while, so I finally did it. These are the woods little red riding hood went through, I’m sure of it.


The drive from Denver is a straight shot to Rampart Road. Rampart road is a rough, bumpy, dirt road that will lead you to the trailhead. This destination would be impossible to reach in less than perfect weather conditions. Lucky for me it was a beautiful day at 70 degrees! Thank you Colorado for being a freak of nature.  Nobody else was on it today, so I got to test out my 4wd for the first time ever!  I love Mondays.


The minute I got on that dirt road I knew this would be one of my favorite new spots. Devil’s head trail takes you through an aspen forest (aspens were dead this time of year), then through several awesome rock formations as you hike higher. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the fire tower.



To the left you’ll see a shack in the woods and rusty red stairs leading up the tower. In pictures the stairs look really sketchy, but I felt safe on them.





Up here I felt as if I was sitting on top of Colorado, in some of my pics it looks like I’m on top of the world. Bill Ellis, who has been operating the fire tower for over 25 years showed me inside the tower. We didn’t talk much but he was such a nice guy and I was honored to meet him. He even let me take this awesome pic of him on the stairs!

Devils Head fire tower



Although I could stay here all day, I didn’t want to get lost today so I hiked down the same way I came up. I can only imagine what these woods look like in the early fall. Devils fire tower is definitely a new favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to go back!

Devils Fire Lookout Colorado


*Bear country up here! you will see a disturbing amount of signs warning you. take proper precautions. I would suggest not bringing your dog, and keeping small children close by and in sight. I’ve never had any incidents or sightings anywhere that I have been*

*you don’t necessarily need 4wd for Rampart road but I would highly recommend it. Do not take a car low to the ground*


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