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Why success after failure is better than just success alone

brittney spears comeback


Success is amazing but success after failure is inspiration on another level

Those few individuals who can pick themselves back up after getting knocked down, after rock bottom, after losing it all… those are the people to celebrate in this world.

Famous or not, if you have made a comeback, know that you are an example of hope and perseverance for someone out there going through the same struggle.

Today’s motivational Monday  is inspired by Brittney Spears not because I want to bring up her past but because she has one of the best comebacks of all time. Like all famous people she had to endure her struggles while the whole world was watching. She also came back better than before with the whole world watching.  How awesome is her Glory album (I love her song Make Me ft G-Eazy). You can read more about her comeback here.





Start celebrating peoples accomplishments and comebacks. Don’t be that little troll who celebrates people’s failures and struggles.

Go out there today and…

  • give someone a genuine compliment.
  • Call a friend a LISTEN to them.
  • If someone made a mistake at work encourage them to try again and ask if they need help.
  • Tell someone you care about how great they are for no reason at all.

Celebrate yourself and others  because there’s enough hate in this world, don’t be a part of it.



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